The Vedas are a collection of hymns that evolved over a long period of time and are the oldest of the Indian Texts.  The six Indian philosophies, one of which is Yoga, evolved from the wisdom derived from the Vedas.  Vedic teaching is an oral tradition and the Vedas were not even recorded until relatively recently.  The hymns are called mantrahs; mantrah means 'to protect'.  The mantrahs are selected to bring about a desired effect in the chanter.  I am being trained by Radha Sundararajan, who was chosen by Sir TKV Desikachar to lead the training of Vedic Chant Teachers.  I do weekly skype lessons with Radha in addition to residential training sessions.  I run a monthly session at my home studio on Saturday afternoons.  No experience is necessary.  Come along and discover the power of sound.  £15 per 2 hour session.  Refreshments included.

The next session is scheduled for Saturday April 28th at 2 pm.  Places are limited.  Book now to avoid disappointment.