Pregnancy Yoga Courses


As a mother of four children, I understand what a deeply affecting time pregnancy is for women.  Life is change and never is this more evident than during the forty weeks in which a new life begins, develops and is born into the world. Yoga can offer profound benefits to both you and your baby.  I completed the British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Module with Judy Cameron in 2013 and to date have taught over 150 pregnant women.  It's an incredible privilege to support women through their pregnancy and to meet them and their babies after birth.  I also teach many of 'my' mums in postnatal yoga and take great pleasure in sharing their transition to motherhood.  Many of the women I have taught, have come back to me for their second or third pregnancy!  I will never, ever become immune to the miracle of birth and new life!

Embrace the changes taking place within your body.

Learn how to relieve some of the common discomforts of pregnancy.

Connect with your developing baby, using sound and visualisation.

Learn helpful breathing techniques.

Create space for your growing baby.

Strengthen your body for the labour and birth.

Tone and prepare your pelvic floor.

Encourage your baby into the optimum position for delivery.

Approach your baby's birth with confidence.

Take time to nurture yourself and relax.

Meet other mums-to-be.

It is safe to practice yoga throughout your pregnancy from the 14th week onwards. If in doubt always seek medical advice.

I currently teach 3 small groups: 

Monday and Wedneday evenings and Saturday mornings. These sessions are usually fully subscribed.  Contact me for availability.  I have a waiting list so please be advised to contact me to put your name down in advance.